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Philip Santanelli and Associates of Board Certified Attorneys,
A Former Investigator and Expert in Judicial Case Law Analyst, Investment Council and Contract Law Analyst as a Document Abstractor with services extending to Real Estate, Asset Management and International Relocation. It is my goal as your personal representative to save you money and any distress. I will be working with you to achieve every possible advantage in your real estate and investment transactions providing you service with integrity. I will assist you on how to make revisions to your existing or future real estate and or investment contract agreement and in conjunction with directing my local and international clients to furtherance the success of your estate or investment. I have provided Professional Services to high-end market segment in the Palm Beach Florida, New York City, California, Canada, Italy and affiliates spanning the globe. Through the guidance of the firm, Investors and Estate Clients have realized significant success through contractual enhancement and revisions expedited to your benefit by me as a non-broker represents your personal interest. My clients list includes Dignitaries, Celebrities, Corporate Businesses and their Family's and Investors. I charge a flat rate fee for my services. It will be my pleasure to meet to address the many ways in which the firm can assist you. My work ethics are Honest, Open, Caring and Detail Oriented and I have Strong Interpersonal Skills and Relate Well with my Clients. The ability to Communicate in a one-on-one way makes for a very unique relationship based on, "TRUST".
Philip Santanelli, P.A.LLC *Real Estate & Judicial Case Law Analyst*.
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